Our Alarm Monitoring Pricing is straight forward, and we want to make it easy to understand. After all, our security platforms are designed, not only with your Security in mind, but also the lifestyle you want to manage. Our 3 level approach is ideal for every customer considering Home Security. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for the basics or you want to move up into our more advanced features such as interactive keypad or even adding cameras to keep a closer eye on things. We not only have your solution, But we back it up with a satisfation guarantee.

Silver Level 100% Wireless Security


Right now, you are looking for the right solution to your Security needs, and our Crosspoint Silver Level always hits the Mark. With its 100% wireless platform not only is it reliable for all of your Security needs but it is also ready when you want to add on Lifestyle Home Automation features. For an Entry Level this one offers All of it. It is more than Basic and Affordable, it is Expandable. Ready for you, when you are. Visit our Home page for a test drive.


Gold Level Interactive Keypad


As Security is now becoming a Lifestyle, Crosspoint Gold is a must standard, as it allows you to reach farther and stay in control when you’re not always close to home. For Example, are you wondering when your child came home or someone stopped by and unlocked the door. Now you can with event controlled notifications. You can stay close and connected even when your not at home. This is a feature rich package that is sure to please.


Diamond Level Automation and Cameras


Total Home Security is the only way to put it when you talk about the Crosspoint Diamond Level, with video cameras, you can essentially be in two places at one time. As well as having the ability to Control your Lights, Garage door, and check the thermostat readings right from any smart phone device. With our Straight Forward pricing the Crosspoint Diamond level really shines. Now that you have made a smart home purchase, let take the next step and make your house a Smart Home.